On Preaching with H.B. Charles Jr.

127 | Why Preaching Matters

In this episode, H.B. reminds preachers that the priority of preaching must not ber assumed nor neglected, as preaching is under attack. If you lose your why, you lose your way. Remember why preaching the word of God and the testimony of Jesus Christ matters. 

Why does preaching matter? 

  1. The Bible commands preaching.
  2. Preaching honors divine authority. 
  3. God saves through preaching. 
  4. Preaching sanctifies God's people. 
  5. Preaching cultivates biblical thinking. 
  6. Preaching anchors corporate worship. 
  7. Preachign models Bible study. 
  8. Preaching epitomizes spiritual leadership. 
  9. Preaching fues true revival. 
  10. Preaching exalts Jesus Christ. 

BOOK RECOMMENTATION: Called to Preach by Steven J. Lawson 

"Preachers must give great attention to the structure of a passage because the Spirit has inspired not only its content but also its contours. The shape of a passage reveals the point of a passage, and the point of the passage must control the point of our message." - Jeff Wiesner 

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