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128 | On Pulpit Ethics


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Whatever happened to pulpit ethics? 

Pulpit ethics are pulpit manners which include dos and don'ts for those who stand in corporate worship to preach God's word. Unfortunately, we no longer have pulpits. We now have stages. We no longer have ethics. We not have platforms. But pulpit ethics still matter. 

What are the basics of pulpit ethics? 

  1. Physical Posture
  2. Appropriate Attire
  3. Reverent Spech 
  4. Nonverbal Communication 
  5. Personal Distraction 
  6. Worship Participation 
  7. Spiritual Sensitivity 

BOOK RECOMMENDATION: "Expositional Preaching" by David Helm 

"Expository preaching is empowered preachign that rightfully submits the shape and emphasis of the sermon to the shape and emphasis of the biblical text. In that way, it brings out of the text what the Holy Spirit put there... and does not put into the text what the preacher things might be there." - David Helm 

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