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It has been said that you should preach to broken hearts, as there is one in every pew. But what do you do when the broken heart is in the pulpit? 

There are times when the preach goes to the pulpit with great joy. He cannot wait to stand to preach. He can barely stand as he preaches. He feels he will float away as the Holy Spirit holds him up in the pulpit. 

Those good times in pulpit ministry won't last forever. There will be times when the preacher must drag himself to the pulpit with a troubled mind, a weary spirit, and a broken heart. If you remain in ministry long enought, you will have to preach your way through personal, family, and even church hurts. 

How do you preach when you are hurting? 

  1. Be honest with yourself.
  2. Pray without ceasing. 
  3. Talk to someone you trust. 
  4. Preach consecutive messages. 
  5. Preach the gospel to yourself. 
  6. Don't use the pulpit to vent. 
  7. Take a break from preaching. 

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